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 Airlineinfo: Austrian Airlines


Servicehotline Deutschland:

Tel.: 01803 / 000520 (9 Cent / Minute)
Fax: 01803 / 000523 (9 Cent / Minute)


Mo.-Fr.: 07.00 - 22.00 Uhr
Sa.-So.: 08.00 - 20.00 Uhr

Servicehotline Österreich:

Tel.: 051766 / 4455


Mo.-Fr.: 08.00 - 18.00 Uhr


Austrian Airlines oder auch nur "Austrian" ist eigentlich kein klassischer Billigflieger. Vielmehr versucht die klassische Airline durch attraktive Angebote, insbesondere nach Osteuropa, die Marktanteile zu erhöhen.

Flüge von Austrian Airlines können auch über jedes Reisebüro gebucht werden.

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 2 Kommentare zu :

Tedin schrieb am 11.12.2015:

Dear Austrian Airlines,I will never fly with your airline EVER again.I was souepspd to fly yesterday at O'Hare Airport in Chicago, but your very rude employees did everything possible to make sure I didn't (they even told me to be grateful to them that they didn't cancel my ticket after I was denied the right to check my baggage in). I arrived 52 minutes before my flight. The security gate did not have a lot of people, so I could have easily passed. Instead of taking my baggage, they rudely informed me that it was too late to do anything. I asked to speak to a manager, but was denied that request. They kept yelling at me for arriving late and telling me that it was entirely my fault (even though I left the house 3 hours earlier, but was stuck in traffic due to a bad car accident along the way). I even offered to leave the bags behind and simply asked to go through without anything, just to make it to my flight. Without any sympathy, I was told to call my travel agency and take care of it with them. My travel agency was closed, so I called another and only through them did I find out that your airline associates were souepspd to tell me about rescheduling for another flight. I am extremely shocked by the arrogant way that your employees treated me and I feel that being forced to pay $300 to reschedule a flight I COULD have been on only added insult to injury. No other professional airline would take $300 from me in such a dishonest way. I work hard for my money and I feel that I should be refunded the fee I paid to basically shorten my vacation. If I had the opportunity to videotape what happened, I'm sure that even you would be appalled. Sincerely,A very unhappy customer
Nairon schrieb am 17.09.2015:

that it is on the way. One day gone second day also bag never ariverd and i was given same kind of answers to my questions. Finally third day your baggage services guy called and mentioned that my bag is going to be delivered at my place but he will not be able to deliver it to my home and asked me to come to bus stop to pick it up. That was anyways infuriating but i still gave you guys a benefit of doubt and went to bus stop to pick it up. When i reached , due to my recent experiences i had completely lost faith in your airlines and that is why i made sure i open my bag in front of your representative to check my belongings. Well my worst fear came true and my iPhone 5S was no where to be found in my luggage. I would like to mention here that bag was sealed by Austrian airlines. I asked that representative and got no answer. I wrote my official complaint in the delivery order , called your baggage services at Delhi airport registered a complaint and faxed them all the documents they wanted me to. Its been two weeks since then , i waited and waited and just got no answers to my questions and no body had any clue about any process regarding this situation. That was a $700 phone that disappeared in thin air and no body has any clue at Austrian airlines what happened to it. Since you guys took responsibility to get it through customs and delivering it to my place i believe in every aspect of it right from not delivering it on time at right place and even with my valuables you FAILED.. I'm expecting a prompt reply and proper compensation for all my hassle , harassment as well as tension that you have caused. All my wearable s were in that bag and i could no go to important places just because bag was not delivered on time . On top of it you guys stole the iPhone( at least that is what i am assuming right now). My only option left after this is to go to consumer court .Please look into this case and let me know further proceedings.

Anmerkung: Wir versuchen die Seite Austrian Airlines - Airlineinfo so aktuell wie möglich zu halten. Allerdings bleiben alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

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